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Pair of reinforcement bars (240cm long) ideal for vehicles with rear walls that are not equipped with internal reinforced points.

Fixing-Bar Carry-Bike
Fixing-Bar Carry-Bike

Kit of 2 preformed smart bars in anodized aluminium to fix the Carry-Bike on the walls of Motorhomes.
Complete with through screws, internal fixing brackets and end caps for more flexibility of installation: the screws can slide over the bar to be adjusted to the different wheel bases.

Kit Support Bar
Kit Support Bar

Licence plate holder bar in aluminium with regulation lights. Ideal to be installed on Carry-Bikes with double rear doors, when the rail support covers the lights and the number plate of the vehicle; easy to install on the Carry-Bike’s rail support with the brackets, which are delivered as standard.
The bar turns 90° to be positioned correctly both on the open and closed rail support. Complete with 13 pole socket for rapid connection to the vehicle's electrics.

Licence Plate Carrier
Licence Plate Carrier
Licence Plate Carrier Deep Black
Licence Plate Carrier

Rubber guard for Fixing-Bar, Carry-Bike and Deluxe ladders.
By completing the bar profile, Dust-Guard prevents accumulation of debris inside the bar improving the aesthetics.
Suitable for:
- Fixing Bar Carry-Bike
- Carry-Bike 200 DJ Ducato > 2006
- Carry-Bike 200 DJ Ducato < 2006
- Carry-Bike 200 DJ Sprinter
- Carry-Bike Mercedes Viano
- Carry-Bike Ford Custom
- Carry-Bike M. V Class Premium
- Carry-Bike M. V Class Lift E-Bike
- Deluxe DJ Ducato
- Deluxe DJ Ducato H3
- Deluxe DJ Sprinter

Dust Guard
Item Description Price
98656-474 Fixing-Bar Carry-Bike € 167.00
98656B682 Kit Support Bar € 77.80
06146C01- Licence Plate Carrier € 188.00
06146C01A Licence Plate Carrier - Deep Black € 201.00
07752-01- Dust Guard € 35.00
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight Length Colours
Fixing-Bar Carry-Bike 5,5 kg 240 cm Aluminium
Kit Support Bar 1,2 kg 74 cm Aluminium
Licence Plate Carrier 2.4 kg 131 cm Aluminium / Deep Black
Dust Guard 0.3 kg 240 cm Black