Selection guide

Leg (A) made from sturdy anodized aluminium. Leg is 70cm but can be reduced in size, diameter 5.5 cm.
Provided with two tapered plastic caps.
Conic (C) and recessed (D) connections are made of aluminium, supplied with self-tapping screws, the Adapter (F) is optionally available for wall installation of the Tube Pro (when not in use). Great stability. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
The recessed connection now has reduced dimensions and is flush to the floor: plastic cap (E) is for covering the hole and is available on request.
Reinforced and more stable tripod (B) to carry the table outside. Made of UV resistant plastic material.

Table Legs
Item Description Price
06375A01- Tube Pro (A) € 27.10
06362-01- Tripod Pro (B) € 67.60
C5063-01- Conic Connection (C) € 13.40
C0331-01- Recessed Connection (D) € 15.60
02411-01B Cap (E) € 4.40
98655-605 Adapter Tube Pro (F) € 11.80
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight
Tube Pro (A) 0,7 kg
Tripod Pro (B) 1,0 kg
Conic Connection (C) 0,2 kg
Recessed Connection (D) 0,1 kg
Cap (E) 0,1 kg
Adapter Tube Pro (F) 0,1 kg