Selection guide
In the event of wind, the best ally for giving greater stability to the walls of your Privacy.
Three versions available according to the length for the front panel, and one for the side panel.
When you leave your Privacy door open, this telescopic vertical pole increases the stability of the front.
Increase the strength of your CaravanStore with these reinforcement poles designed for application on the front tube.
Delivered as standard with:
CaravanStore XL from 440 and
CaravanStore ZIP XL from 360.
Set of two aluminium poles to extend the door or the side panel as an additional awning, suitable for Privacy Ultra Light, Rear Door Cover Ducato and VW T5 / T6.
Vertical support poles to increase the stability of the Privacy Room to the vehicles' wall.
Optional for Privacy Room Light and Privacy Room CS Light.
Item Description Price
06856-01- Kit Magic Privacy Front Short € 108.00
06856-02- Kit Magic Privacy Front Medium € 137.00
06856-03- Kit Magic Privacy Front Large € 155.00
06856-04- Kit Magic Privacy Side € 67.30
05161-02- Door Pole F45 - CaravanStore € 35.40
05161-08- Door Pole F65 € 36.50
05161-09- Door Pole F80s / F80L € 45.70
03732C01- CaravanStore Support Leg € 69.80
06537-01- Kit Poles € 81.10
06020-01- Kit Poles Light € 70.40
Mentioned prices are suggested retail prices, Vat, Installation, Duties and Transport cost excluded.
Data sheet
Description Weight
Kit Magic Privacy Front Short 2 kg
Kit Magic Privacy Front Medium 2,7 kg
Kit Magic Privacy Front Large 3,0 kg
Kit Magic Privacy Side 1,1 kg
Door Pole F45 - CaravanStore 0,8 kg
Door Pole F65 0,8 kg
Door Pole F80s / F80L 0,8 kg
CaravanStore Support Leg 1,7 kg
Kit Poles 0,7 kg
Kit Poles Light 2,0 kg